Cannabis Products

The cannabis industry continues to expand as more states legalize the use of marijuana. As the market increases, insurance offerings specially tailored to the industry have appeared.  In response to this, policies are being developed to address exposures that are not covered by standard policies.


PK Financial Group recognizes that cultivators are confronted with a wide range of dangers including fire, theft and equipment breakdown. Our focus is to provide relevant solutions to address or reduce many of these exposures, including, but not limited to, living plant coverage, goods in process, finished stock, product liability and business interruption coverage.

Processors and Manufactures

Processors and Manufacturers of cannabis products carry many of the same standards and regulatory requirements as vendors of everyday consumer-based products. Understanding the risks associated with those regulations, we provide clients with leading-edge coverage solutions, including, but not limited to, product liability and product recall.


Burglary, vandalism, fire, theft and other hazards can strike a dispensary at any moment. If a claim were to arise, most dispensaries would not be able to get back to business immediately. We offer general and product liability insurance, property coverage and more to mitigate the risk associated with these exposures.


There are many exposures and challenges that landlords in the marijuana industry face. We can offer coverage for industrial properties, warehouses, greenhouses, strip malls, office buildings and more that landlords lease to cannabis facilities and other businesses in the legal cannabis industry.

Product Liability

No matter how rare the occurrence, there is always the possibility that someone could become ill from ingesting an edible cannabis product they purchased from you. This could result in them taking legal action. Product Liability coverage will protect you from damages and legal fees in the event that one of your products causes harm to its user. Product Liability coverage usually requires the manufacturer of such products to comply with all state health codes involving food production and may also require some additional contingencies to ensure a quality product is offered to the customer.

Count On the Experts

Specialized insurance coverages for the unique risks faced by dispensaries and retailers are still new to the market. The experts at PK Financial Group are here to educate you on your options and guide you through the process. We can help make sure that the coverage you receive is the best fit for your operation. Call us today at (610) 355-4255 to learn how we can help you protect every facet of your business. PK Financial Group is an equal opportunity provider.

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